How is it the end of January already? The month has somehow flown by but also dragged on.

January has become a time that lots of folks give being vegan a go, hence the new word #VEGANUARY being thrown about on social media and advertising constantly. One big way people find they can make an easy change is in their regular coffee shop order by trading cows milk for a plant milk. And we’re here to help with that!

One of our most popular vegan milks that we serve is oat. It’s got a more subtle taste, is easily steamed into micro-foam (the silky foamed milk that looks like the consistency of wet paint) and can be gluten free depending on the brand. However oat is quickly followed by coconut & almond. Each bring their own edge and flavours to the espresso.

The once popular soya milk in the early 2000’s now lags behind the other choices and is definitely our baristas least favourite to steam and try to get latte art from! The taste and consistency when heated doesn’t do the coffee any favours (you may disagree) however we will still serve it to you on request and with a smile.

Did you oat? Or did you stick to your dairy?

Photo Credit : Eliot Milling