It’s WAGGY WEDNESDAY here at Grow Coffee House! The United Kingdom is increasingly dog friendly from coffee shops, pubs to shops; the people of Britain love to bring their dogs everywhere they go.

So here at Grow we wanted to do a monthly morning where we celebrate dogs and dog owners and remind people that we are completely dog friendly inside & out. Plus 10% off your bill and free dog treats are a bonus!

Dogs aren’t everyones favourite thing to be around whilst drinking coffee however we rarely have an incident where we need to ask a customer to take a noisy pup outside or have to clean up any ‘accidents’. The city of Exeter seem pretty adjusted to the normality of sipping their latte whilst their cake gets eyed up by the dog at a neighbouring table!

Do you bring your dog everywhere?

•Photo features Buddy, our site managers huge black lab who is the sweetest pup who eats all the treats